Security teams have struggled to deploy and scale traditional SIEMs due to their high overhead, astronomical costs, and lack of scalability. Today they are facing more vulnerabilities in their environment than they can realistically remediate on their own. Traditional security monitoring techniques no longer offer protection against new and emerging threats in a cloud-first world. In addition to technical expertise, security teams need to be highly competent in the following domains:

  • Staffing: Companies must hire and up skill large teams of security engineers and analysts to defend their environments.
  • Scaling: Security teams must be able to scale with the business and increase visibility as needed.
  • Tooling: Teams need to select, procure, and integrate mechanisms to effectively cut through the noise while being ready to adapt to new technologies and threats.

Panther offers a modern approach to SIEM -- it runs fully on top of cloud-native services and empowers teams to detect, investigate, and remediate threats with fewer resources.

Jack Naglieri,
CEO & Founder, Panther Labs

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • Overview of Panther architecture and what makes it different
  • How to get started with Panther as your cloud-native SIEM
  • Use cases for log analysis, cloud security, continuous monitoring, and more
  • How to identify threats with log data using Python