Proven techniques to harden and monitor S3 buckets for security incidents

Data breaches caused by misconfigurations continue to dominate news headlines. Misconfigured S3 buckets have caused large-scale data breaches and cost businesses billions of dollars and loss of trust. As this trend will persist, companies need to learn to adopt cloud services rapidly and implement cloud security effectively.

Jack Naglieri,
CEO, Panther Labs

Monitoring sensitive data in S3 requires end-to-end traffic visibility

As attackers continue to discover vulnerabilities in Amazon S3 configurations, native cloud services on their own don't offer the functionality needed to detect breaches and harden cloud infrastructure. By having complete visibility on how your data is accessed, you can create a robust strategy to monitor and secure S3 buckets.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • Why you should care about monitoring S3 buckets and how to achieve end-to-end visibility of your environment
  • Build a continuous monitoring strategy to detect any suspicious activity to your buckets
  • Compare S3 Server Access logging and CloudTrail Data Events, and understand which approach works best
  • Understand your S3 security posture and explore ways to search your S3 data catalog